See Choices Social & Behavioral Sciences General Education

AMH 2010  U.S. History To 1877 (Writing Emphasis)
AMH 2020  U.S. History Since 1877 (Writing Emphasis)
ANT 2000  Introduction to Anthropology (Writing Emphasis)
ANT 2100  Introduction to World Archaeology
DEP 2004  Psychology of Human Development 
ECO 2013  Principles of Economics I, Macroeconomics 
ECO 2023  Principles of Economics II, Microeconomics 
EUH 1000  Western Civilization I (Writing Emphasis)
EUH 1001  Western Civilization II (Writing Emphasis)
GEO 1000  Introduction to Geography 
INR 2002  International Relations 
POS 2041  American National Government (Writing Emphasis)
PSY 2012  Introduction to Psychology 
SYG 2000  Introduction to Sociology 
SYG 2010  Social Problems 


3 Credits


AMH 2010, AMH 2020, ANT 2000, EUH 1000, EUH 1001, and POS 2041: Writing Emphasis or "Gordon Rule" writing courses with CODE: GRW - A grade of “C” or higher must be earned in each Writing Emphasis course.