See Choices Humanities General Education

AML 2020  American Literature from 1865 to Present  (Writing Emphasis)
ARH 2000  Art Appreciation 
ARH 2050   Art History I  
ENL 2022   English Literature Since 18th Century  (Writing Emphasis)
FIL 2001  Introduction to American Cinema  (Writing Emphasis)
HUM 2020  Introduction to Humanities: Antiquity through the 21st Century 
HUM 2454   African-American Humanities (Writing Emphasis)
HUM 2461   Latin American Humanities  (Writing Emphasis)
HUM 2930  Selected Topics in Humanities  
LIT 2000   Introduction to Literature  (Writing Emphasis)
LIT 2120  European Literature 1650 to Present  (Writing Emphasis)
MUH 1018  Introduction to Jazz  
MUL 2010  Music Appreciation 
PHI 2010   Introduction to Philosophy  (Writing Emphasis)
PHI 2630   Contemporary Ethics  (Writing Emphasis)
REL 2300   World Religions 
THE 1000  Theater Appreciation 
THE 2020   Introduction to Western Theatre Arts  (Writing Emphasis)
  Any second level 3 or more credit Foreign Language course 


3 Credits


AML 2020, ENL 2022, FIL 2001, HUM 2454, HUM 2461, LIT 2000, LIT 2120, PHI 2010, PHI 2630, AND THE 2020: Writing Emphasis or "Gordon Rule" writing courses with CODE: GRW - A grade of “C” or higher must be earned in each Writing Emphasis course.