Transfer Credit

Transfer of credit is the act of awarding credit at LSSC for coursework taken at another institution, while in the military, through credit by examination, current articulation program agreements, approved industry certifications, or Competency Based Credit porfolio (Administrative Procedure 4-17). The purpose of awarding credit for coursework or credit by examination is to allow students to transfer credits to LSSC according to the College's course equivalencies, and to accelerate the completion of the student’s Program of Study.

All students who have previously registered at any other post-secondary institution(s), regardless of the amount of time spent in attendance or credit earned, are classified as transfer students. Transfer students are required to submit official transcripts from all institutions for the purpose of evaluation prior to registering for courses. When the transcripts or test scores are submitted to the Admissions & Records Office, they will be evaluated and credit may be awarded in compliance with institutional policies and the state of Florida guidelines. Transfer of credit for career academies or institutional credit by examination listed on the transcripts of Florida regionally accredited institutions will be evaluated and awarded directly from each institution's transcript.

Veterans and active duty military are required to submit official military transcripts (Joint Services Transcript (JST) or Air Force transcript) for admission to LSSC and transfer credit evaluation. To order a free Joint Services Transcript visit To order a free Air Force transcript visit

All official transcripts submitted by a student must remain in the original sealed envelope provided by the previously attended institution. Any transcript that has been unsealed will not be accepted. 

Financial Aid will not be disbursed to any eligible student account until all transcripts have been received.

Students must earn a minimum of 25% of their degree or certificate credits at LSSC to be eligible to receive a degree or certificate from LSSC. Students who have a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution are not eligible for an Associate in Arts degree.