Criminal Justice Leadership Advanced Technical Certificate

The Criminal Justice Leadership Advanced Technical Certificate (ATC) teaches the student skills that are needed to move into supervisory roles or to advance their career in criminal justice. Admission requirements for this ATC are the same as those for the Criminal Justice Leadership concentration of the Bachelor of Applied Science in Strategic Leadership.


This certificate is upward compatible with the B.A.S. in Strategic Leadership. 



CCJ 3032Strategic Communications Practices for Crime and the Media

3 Credits

CCJ 3627Management Response to Special Offenders

3 Credits

CCJ 3661Risk Management of Terrorism and Violence

3 Credits

CCJ 3681Leadership Challenges in Domestic Violence

3 Credits

Total Credit Hours:12

When beginning this program, students are advised to make an appointment for advising with the Program Manager.

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Students must complete 25% of each program's total credit hours at LSSC.

Students must earn a grade of C or higher in all certificate courses in order to earn the certificate.

Academic Advising
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South Lake Campus 352-243-5722
Sumter Center 352-568-0001
Career Development Services 352-323-3603
Program Contact Information 352-323-3626