Engineering Technology Support Specialist College Credit Certificate

The Engineering Technology Support Specialist Technical Certificate is an applied engineering technical certificate with specialties in a variety of technical areas. It is designed to meet business needs for highly skilled, technically competent people in a variety of positions requiring specific skills, technical knowledge and the ability to adapt.

The certificate is upward compatible with the Engineering Technology Substation and Relay Technology Specialization, Associate in Science Degree

Program Core Courses

ETD 1320CIntroduction to AutoCAD

3 Credits

ETI 1084CIntroduction to Electronics

3 Credits

ETM 1010CMechanical Measurement & Instrumention

3 Credits

ETI 1420CManufacturing Processes and Materials

3 Credits

ETI 1110CIntroduction to Quality Assurance

3 Credits

ETI 1701CIndustrial Safety

3 Credits

Total Credit Hours:18

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Students must complete 25% of each program's total credit hours at LSSC.

Academic Advising
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South Lake Campus 352-243-5722
Sumter Center 352-568-0001
Career Development Services 352-323-3603
Program Contact Information 352-568-0001 Ext 1025