Electric Utility Lineworker Advanced College Credit Certificate

The Electric Utility Lineworker Advanced certificate will prepare students with a wide range of knowledge and functional skills for entry level careers as line workers in the electric utility industry. Students will develop a high level of technological competency, analytical problem solving, workplace ethics, team work skills and job responsibility. Students will master competencies expected of the skilled craft person in basic electrical theory, fundamentals of electric power systems operations, electric utility safe work practices, and actual overhead pole line and underground electrical construction operation and maintenance.

Teams are routinely assigned tasks to complete in the field using heavy equipment and tools. The student will be expected to demonstrate that they can successfully plan and complete a given work assignment with limited assistance. In this respect individuals will be taught the importance of working together as a team.

Prerequisite: Basic Certificate (390)

Program Core Courses

CGS 1100Business Computer Applications

3 Credits

ETP 1135CStreet & Area Lighting

3 Credits

ETP 2110CMetering & Energy Management

3 Credits

ETP 2120CBasic Transformer

3 Credits

ETP 2132CPole Line Equipment II

3 Credits

ETP 2137CElectrical Distribution Substations

3 Credits

ETP 2102CRubber Gloving - Hot Line

3 Credits

Total Credit Hours:21

Upon successful completion of the Electric Utility Lineworker Advanced Certificate (totaling 45 credits hours) students will be awarded the Advanced Certificate in Electric Utility Lineworker from LSSC. The successful student will then possess the skills necessary to be considered for employment as an apprentice line worker in the field of electric utility line construction, operation and maintenance.

For information about career options, visit www.lssc.edu/careers.

Students must complete 25% of each program's total credit hours at LSSC.

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